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August 17, 2023

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How to Pack for Your Elopement

Packing for any trip can be extremely stressful, especially when you are packing for your big day! We created this “How to Pack for Your Elopement” guide to help ease some of that stress. We even included a template, if checking things off a list gives you the satisfaction it gives us!


Wedding Dress

Wedding Shoes



Hair pins/jewels

Make-up (wipes, travel concealer, travel mascara, etc.)

Boob tape or sticky – to hold up those pesky areas of the dress that don’t want to stay

Jacket – if you have a jacket to go over your dress


Travel mirror


Extra hair pins + hair spray

Fun fact: During our elopement, my wife lost her wedding dress or more so… forgot. When planning for an elopement, it is usually best to find a lightweight and easily packable dress that is also suitable for hiking (you can look from Etsy to higher end designer shops). My wife’s dress was easily foldable and could fit in a small grocery bag. This is how it was lost. We packed snacks for our elopement and she wanted to change for the hike back. She threw the dress in the grocery bag and it was left at the AirBnB. We didn’t discover this until we got to our next destination (we eloped in Northern Italy and were in Florence when we found out it was left). Needless to say, she panicked and cried in bed for the entire evening because 1. she lost her dress and 2. she wanted a picture on a motorbike. Thankfully, it was found and we were able to get it before flying out… unfortunately, it caused us to miss our flight home. Moral of the story, if you get an easily packable dress – don’t put it in a sack. To give you a better idea on good hiking or elopement dresses, check out:





Suspenders, belt, tie


Wrinkle spray

Wedding Essentials


Ring Boxes

Vow Books


Marriage License

Letters From Friends + Family

Sentimental Items

Decor: Candles, photos, lightweight rug or blanket, etc.


Here is the hard part. You want to try to pack as light as possible because you are also packing your wedding attire.

We packed our wedding attire in our carry on and checked everything else, because the wedding attire was most important in our eyes.

When packing try to pack neutral color clothing that could be worn as layers or paired with other outfits. For example, I might pack a black tank that could be worn by itself, with a button up, cardigan, OR it could be worn with leggings one day and jeans another. If you are okay with wearing the same shirt twice. I have become accustomed to this in our travels but can understand if that option is not for you. If that’s the case, try to pack lighter clothing that could be layered (if you are going to a colder climate). It is hard to plan for all the events and also the weather for your trip. This is why neutral tones and clothing that can be mixed can be very helpful.

Neutral tones are also best for photo-ops!

Try to stick to 1-2 jackets (i.e. a hiking jacket and a cute jacket for outings)

Try to stick to 2-3 pairs of shoes or less (i.e. hiking boots and one additional pair that could go with all outfits OR hiking boots and two additional pairs like another closed toe and a sandal – sandals are my go to for planes and airports).

Comfortable clothing, especially for hiking or after a long day.

Good socks.


Hiking Boots

Rain coat

Water bottles or water pack (empty for flights)

Hiking bag (depending on the extent of hiking – you can use this as your carry-on)

Flashlights/head lamps

Lighter or matches (for things like camp fires, sparklers, candles, etc. but be sure to look up park rules and trail guidelines)

Hiking Snacks (crackers, dried fruits and nuts, trail mix, granola bars, fresh fruit, jerky, power cookies or bars)

Pocket knife (check flight guidelines if you are flying)

Bug spray

Trail map and compass (if you are using hiking trail apps on your phone, download prior to losing service)

Portable charger for phone

Bear spray (depending on where you are hiking and again check plane regulations)

First aid gears supplies

Lightweight tent and sleeping bags if you plan to camp

Pop-up tent for changing

Quick dry towels ((if you plan on getting a little adventurous and jumping into a waterfall – I did this once without a towel, I don’t regret it BUT a towel would have been nice)



Tooth paste

Body wash


Lotion (different climates may affect your skin)


Skin care routine products

Hair brush



Tweezers, nail clippers, touch up polish

Shaving cream


Contacts, glasses, solutions

Hair product

Hair ties, bobby pins, clips

Dryer, straightener, curling iron

Hand sanitizers

Body Wipes


Speaker for the hike if your photographer does not have one and if you want music during your ceremony

Chargers for phones, watches, cameras, etc.

Everyone is different when they travel but sometimes we like to unwind from the days with a good ole Netflix series so we will either bring our iPad (great for flying and car rides too) or our FireStick

Kindle (if you are a reader)


Meds: ibuprofen or advil, allergy medications, nausea meds, etc.

Mini sewing kit (I can’t sew for the life of me but if you can, this might come in handy)

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